Tips For Painting a Metal Roof


If you’re looking for a way to make your home stand out, painting the roof is one of the more affordable options. This can be considered one of the larger painting jobs you DIY, but it’s still worth considering getting in a professional contractor to get the job done with the least amount of hassle.

Painting a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are durable and easy to clean, but they can be difficult to paint.

To help get your new project off on the right foot, here are some tips for painting metal roofs:


Roof Pitch

Some people may not know that roofs have different pitches, even if they are the same size. Metal roofing paint jobs can get expensive because of this varying factor.

A steeply sloped house comes at a cost to you–both financially as well as through more work on your end for maintenance down the road. Due to exposure issues, you may be looking at leaks after 10 years instead of 25 like most other materials do under rainy weather conditions.

However, a steep pitch means that you’ll have an easier time on your roof if something does go wrong. For starters – with such low heights it’s easy to access any areas where repairs need doing without climbing too high into dangerous territory or using specialized equipment. For areas that are harder to reach, it will probably end up a lot more costly.

Additionally- a higher angle makes things much harder since there isn’t enough room between shingles (which can cause structural damage).


To have a successful painting project, the metal on your roof must first be prepared. Even if it seems clean to you now – believe us when we say that there is still dirt and grime underneath all those layers!

Power-washing is a good idea. If this sounds daunting or too time-consuming for one person to do themselves then hire someone who can help.

Make sure that there’s no rust or peeling. If you see any of these problems then it will need to be sanded then primed before attempting any paintwork.


A good paint job for your roof will require commercial-quality paint, primer, and sealer. You don’t want to cut corners here!

A proper base coat ensures that the other products cover well enough so it doesn’t matter if you miss some small spots or get too much on one side. Once done, your roof should still look great after all those years under a beating from mother nature. The right type of topcoat ensures everything stays looking fresh through rainstorms and direct sunlight by preventing water absorption and fading.



If you decide to approach a professional company to aid with your metal roof painting and they do not offer warranties, move on and look for another.

Warranties range from cost-effective and short-term (a few years) options all the way up to very expensive lifetime subscriptions which provide peace of mind in case something happens with any repairs needed on an item like metal roofs.