How Much Do Plumbers Charge?


Typical plumbers should be able to handle a variety of tasks. But how much do they charge?

It all depends on your situation and the scope of the job at hand. But, firstly, it doesn’t matter whether you are in an emergency situation or just need a new geyser installed, a good local plumber is what you need. Now, in most cases, a plumbing issue doesn’t just simply happen. In most cases, it is a problem that has been left unattended for weeks or even months. Plumbers can ensure that not only an emergency is taken care of, but your pipes, sink, water heater are ready for use while standing up to typical wear and tear.

If you are looking to hire a plumber for a commercial property, they should be able to handle many more involved jobs than a typical family plumber. Expect them to cover big repairs, installations, and replace pieces of commercial-size water heating. A good commercial plumber should be able to determine issues that have occurred within large-scale piping running through the entirety of a building and this is something a residential plumber may not be able to.

Both residential and commercial properties use specific tools and supplies and require a particular knowledge set. Therefore, hiring a plumber may seem pricey when you are considering a DIY, but these professionals bring experience and knowledge to handle serious plumbing issues.


How Much Do Plumbers Cost?

The cost of plumbers is really going to depend on 3 major factors:

  1. who you hire
  2. what job they need to complete
  3. how many hours it will take to complete

Smaller plumbing jobs can cost anywhere around $100 and include a service call fee, an hour or two of labor, as well as minor replacement parts. If you need help in an emergency, costs can come in around $300.

On the other hand, if you require help for a job that requires special supplies and tools and will take more than a day to complete, you could be looking at $700 or more.

Additional factors to consider

Apart from the most obvious, the cost of a plumber can be affected by several other factors. This fee may also go up or down depending on if it’s a weekend, at night, or holiday. Labor fees are often much higher if the job is considered overtime. If your home or business is off the grid or the job is in a really hard-to-reach space, expect the costs to increase.

If your job can wait to be completed, try to schedule an appointment during the average workweek. If your plumber has to come back several times or if they have to order specialty parts because they are not within reach, costs will increase.


Emergency jobs are ultimately some of the most pricey. Because emergencies can happen at any time, some plumbers will charge higher labor fees for not having a scheduled appointment. If it happens on a weekend, holiday, or at night, a special fee may be applicable. Also, if you have an older house with parts that may not be easily accessible or need to be ordered in, it will affect the overall cost. If your home is just being built and you need a plumber to come install new everything, this will naturally fall at the high end of the cost scale, and may even exceed the $700.